APIs: The next step in delivering an outstanding customer experience


APIs help you work and provide the best experience for your customers

TMQuotes is a powerful SaaS platform that enables you to bring travel insurance plans to your clients in a fast and effective way. To help provide a seamless experience, we have developed end-to-end integrated APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These integrations will enable you to take control of delivering an outstanding experience to your customers by allowing your online platform to communicate directly with the TMQuotes plan, quote and purchasing information. 

Why are APIs important for selling with TMQuotes?

TMQuotes’ REST API Platform enables agents to integrate with TMQuotes to get valid lists of plans and quotes to support various customer journeys. This could be anything from a chatbot flow to custom forms.

TMQuotes relies on the use of APIs to integrate your website with the plans and buying power of our platform. APIs are available for all of the plans that we offer. Some plans have additional options that must be selected. Some plans will have additional options available as add-ons. As an example, special plans are INF Elite and INF Premier plans. INF Advantage has an optional add-on for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

With our APIs, TMQuotes allows you to implement new aspects in your website including:

  • Plans: You can build an inventory of available plans and display their details in an easy-to-use way for your customers. 
  • Quotes: You can provide quotes for your users with “plan categories” that show all of the details and pricing information for the plans.
  • Purchasing: Forms for purchasing plans are easily integrated into your existing platform so that your customers can choose and buy their ideal plan in a matter of minutes.

These APIs enable you to augment the usability on your site to improve engagement and conversion rates by delivering a better customer experience. With more autonomy, agents are empowered to grow their online presence and increase revenue, regardless of technological skill.


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